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Who We Are ?

Al Sagr Insurance has been present in Saudi Arabia since 1983 as a branch of Al Sagr National Insurance Co of United Arab Emirates and later as agent in Saudi Arabia for Al Sagr Saudi Insurance Co. (EC) incorporated in Bahrain with an offshore status.

Al Sagr Cooperative Insurance Co. – Practicing Insurance Activity – public Joint Stock with Capital SR 400 million – C.R.2051036871 – License T M N /13/20083 Supervised and controlled by Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority. We aspire to be recognized as the insurer of choice in Saudi Arabia at the forefront of ethics, technology and corporate social responsibility. In conducting our business, we keep all stakeholders in mind namely our clients, our employees, our shareholders and last but not least the environment.

A company involved in Trust & Security

Other risks can be transferred to us as risk carriers

We are in the business of carrying risk in exchange for a premium. We protect our customers’ financial position by removing the uncertainty of risk and replacing it by the certainty of the premium. We are well positioned in the market to provide added value to our customers. We have a good geographic spread in the Kingdom and our insurance solutions are competitively priced and backed by world class re-insurers. Our philosophy is that prior to purchasing insurance, a serious risk analysis should be undertaken. We encourage our clients to carry out a risk mapping exercise periodically as this allows them to prioritize their risks and allocate their insurance budget accordingly.

We cater for large and small clients, individuals and companies alike as they are all important to us. Our approach to each one of them varies as they have different needs according to their size and line of business. This is why we work around four segments which we believe are a genuine reflection of the economy. Whichever quadrant you may be in we would be delighted to discuss your risk exposure and design around it, an insurance solution. We believe there is a solution for every risk, whilst some risks such as loss of reputation, competitive pressures and changes in the law are typically uninsurable and should be mitigated through risk management; most of the other risks can be transferred to us as risk carriers.


We are the strong players of the old times renewed in the newly born regulated market which is Al Sagr Cooperative playground and we are very familiar with its terrain.


For over thirty years the company staff and personnel have dedicated their professional integrity to shaping the image of the company that is Al Sagr Cooperative today.


The management has invested in creating the company team on all company levels. We started with selected qualified key-positioned personnel.


To be recognized as a leading insurer in Saudi Arabia committed to the highest level of ethics, fairness and corporate social responsibility.

OUR Mission

Together we put the foundation for work ethics and code of conduct. We hired promising calibers and subjected them to various insurance training in addition to on-the-job training. The Company staff of today is the synthesis of the vision and commitment of the Management which was applied systematically towards the building of the professional body of Al Sagr Cooperative.

  • Providing our customers with innovative products, superior service and fast & fair claims settlement.
  • Maintaining a safe, respectful and professional working environment for our employees and to empower them through training and development programmers.
  • Generating an attractive return on shareholder investment whilst adhering to high ethical standards.
  • Contributing towards the development and employment of Saudi youth.
  • Promoting the added value of insurance within Saudi Arabian society.
  • Embracing work practices that is respectful for the environment.

In its search for excellence, Al Sagr Cooperative shall harness the concepts of insurance buying in regions of the Kingdom where culture orientations require more input from insurance professionals to soften the edges of a terrain that demands closer look than others. We, at Al Sagr Cooperative, are ready and are prepared to apply ourselves to servicing the public be it an individual or a family or a group or large conglomerate.